December 1, 2023

Brad Marolf

Business & Finance Wonders

Abilene business enterprise individuals chat, Arrington listens to their worries

Representatives of the Abilene business community, including retail, service and construction, aired their concerns about the effects of inflation, worker shortages and the inability to get the products they need with U.S. Rep. Jodey Arrington, left, on Tuesday at the Abilene Chamber of Commerce.

Often, you just want to vent your frustrations.

Most likely a alternative is not in sight, but just chatting about your struggles with many others who are dealing with the similar issues assists.

Previous week, a group representing Abilene businesses spoke with U.S. Rep. Jodey Arrington at the Abilene Chamber of Commerce.

They expressed their considerations about a 40-12 months large in inflation, the incapability to get what they want and the issues in employing. 

For the most aspect, they survived the pandemic. Some perhaps even thrived, their organization set up for good results or their administration capable to pivot as wellbeing problems escalated, abated, escalated, abated.

They worked by restricting factors.

Now, Arrington said, enterprise owners still want to provide consumers “safely and responsibly (but) without a ton of government intervention.”