June 14, 2024

Brad Marolf

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ebay: ‘Export Ka Expert’: eBay enabling e-commerce exports and solving for key pain-points

The last decade saw cross-border trade emerge as the backbone of the global economy and the true fibre that binds the world together, making it a field of great potential. Over the last two years, the world has witnessed the evolution of various business channels that have transformed since the world was gripped by a digital revolution.

Yet, in the face of uncertainty owing to the global pandemic, recession, and a shift in established processes, cross-border exports have allowed businesses of all sizes to find new customers in less impacted regions. Cross-border B2C e-commerce has also proved to be one of the easiest and most economical ways for exporters to reach their customers in various countries across the world directly.

The flourishing B2C Cross-Border Ecosystem

According to the World Trade Organization, total cross-border trade accounts for
52% of the global GDP
illustrating its importance for a country’s economic development. India, too, has shown immense growth in this segment due to the government’s support through initiatives such as Atmanirbhar Bharat.

In 2022, the country’s total merchandise exports amounted to $417.8 billion. The Indian e-commerce industry is also expected to surpass that of the US by 2034 and reach $111.40 billion by 2025 from $46.20 billion in 2020, growing at a 19.24% CAGR, according to a
recent report

Indian Exports – Competencies & Challenges

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The Indian export market is largely fragmented, mainly consisting of unorganised players. They mainly deal with exports of apparel, gems and jewellery, home and textiles, and more. India’s key competencies lie in finished/unfinished jewellery manufacturing, diamond polishing, and cutting. With increasing exports and high demand for Indian goods, these sellers have many opportunities to scale their businesses globally and expand their potential.

However, exporters face various challenges during their global business journey, such as marketing, pricing, competition, logistics, and more. Pricing is one of the most challenging factors due to different market forces and cost structures worldwide. Many marketplaces tend to assume control over exporters’ pricing strategies, making it very difficult for sellers to run their businesses the way they want. On various occasions, marketplaces have also ended up copying the well-performing products of the exporters, becoming more competitive and less partnership-focused.

The Solution: eBay,
Export Ka Expert

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With its
‘Export Ka Expert’ campaign
, eBay aims at solving these long-standing pain points of Indian exporters. Built on its strong seller-first approach base, eBay believes in maintaining its role as a partner enabling local sellers to expand the scope of their cross-border business.

eBay’s ‘Export ka Expert’ campaign showcases the confidence with which a seller undertakes their journey with eBay as a trusted ally. Through its ad film, it highlights the challenges that exporters face while doing their cross-border export business. He further discusses how other global marketplaces act as competitors, not partners, impacting his business performance and overall success in global markets.

The film further highlights
as the solution: a seller-first platform that serves as an advisor and supports the business. It establishes how eBay assists local sellers in creating flourishing businesses and sustaining them to become globally competitive by providing good reach, market insights and tools, and multiple shipping options.

eBay is creating pathways to connect millions of sellers and buyers in over 190 markets globally by empowering its customers and providing them with the opportunity to grow and thrive. Without becoming their competitor, eBay provides its partner sellers with guidance on shipping, payment, etc.